It was honored that Rawya Masnour participated in IOFS program on "Water Management in Agriculture", in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank, a Round Table on "Policy Guidelines for Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture in OIC member countries" which organized on 16 October 2022.

Representatives of governmental authorities, including Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq, as well as international organizations (AOAD, SESRIC, ICBA, FAO, INWRDAM, CEDARE) and agribusiness (Ramsco Organic) participated in the roundtable to raise awareness for collective and integrated actions and exchange knowledge related to addressing cross-sectoral issues that have impact on the state of water and food security.

It was amazing to discuss and concentrate about Successful projects which provide the idea of producing organic fertilizers through the recycle of plant waste and other projects of Water Management.

Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management are very important basics in Sustainable development and climate change.

It is necessary that countries cooperate together to exchange the ideas of projects in this field.

Cairo Water Week