Biochar machine:
  • Biochar is a carbon coal product derived from the biomass that can support the soil
  • It isolates or stores carbon producing usable energy. It keeps carbon stored in the soil for thousands of years.
  • Organic coal is then produced by exposing the organic mass to high temperature through using the biochar machine.
  • Energy is produced in the form of heat, gasses or oils while a large quantity of carbon is preserved in the biomass as a solid (coal).
  • The solid coal is transformed into biochar when returned to the soil, with the ability to enhance the availability of minerals, nutrients and water, and the isolation of carbon for a thousand years.
Biochar is a very porous and high carbon form of charcoal that has three beneficial effects on soil:
  • Physical:
    • Biochar adopts a honeycomb structure under a microscope which improves the aeration water holding capacity and nutrient retention of soil.
    • The physicallity stops it from getting compacted; and thus, all the essentials that plant roots need are readily available and easily accessible.
  • Biological:
    • The biochar structure provides the perfect housing for beneficial microbiology which defends roots and fights off pests.
  • Chemical:
    • The production of biochar makes it very high in nutrients and carbon which is good for the soil as well as plant roots as they retain most of it rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.
    • Biochar is a pure substance and as a result it doesn't degrade and therefore it is a permanent improvement to your soil.
    • One ton of carbon locked away in biochar is equivalent to 3 tons of carbon dioxide permanently removed from the atmosphere.
  • Bio-fertilizers are natural fertilizers that are microbial inoculants of bacteria, algae and fungi, which creates biological nitrogen fixation, Phosphorus and potassium solubilizing microorganisms.
  • They help build up the soil micro-flora which improves the soil health and thus promotes the growth of plants.
  • Compost is a mixture of ingredients that consists of decayed organic matter and its purpose is to introduce nutrients to the soil.
  • It is created through animal waste, decomposing plants, food waste and recycled organic materials which then is decomposed by earthworms loss of air or the presence of air.